Best Gun Safe under 500 USD: Security That Doesn’t Burn Your Pocket

When it comes to firearms, security is of paramount importance. While investing in a gun safe, there are quite a few things that you need to keep in mind. Some of the factors being ease of use, storage space, security and obviously the cost.

In this regard, safes with bio-metric locks have the best bet in terms of security features. The following article provides you with variants of the best gun safe under 500.

A gun safe obviously should place security as its top priority. However, given the wide range of products that are available now, only security isn’t enough. A modern safe should have a pleasing appearance too.

This wide range dictates that you could choose from designs as varied as classic Victorian design to modern bio-metric designs.

It is essential to choose carefully while selecting a budget safe because most of them advertised as the best are often low-quality products. There is, however, a good news as more and more products come into the market, the prices turn more competitive.

This means that you can now have a top of the line gun safe without burning a hole in your pocket.

How to Choose the Best?

There are some things that I would like to highlight. While you may have other parameters in mind, it is essential that you consider these factors too before buying a gun safe. It is also important to remember that even the best are bound to have some shortcomings. Do keep an eye out for those while making a choice.

Aspects of Security: The primary reason you are investing in a safe is security for your guns and other valuables and therefore, this should be the top priority. The lock mechanism of the safe is very important. With the right amount of security, you can rest assured that no one would be able to access your arms and other valuables without your permission or supervision.

Size: Space of a safe is paramount while making a choice for the most obvious reasons. It is dictated both by the amount of space you can allot to it and your gun size. For instance, you can't possibly fit a rifle in a safe made for handguns. So we highly recommend you to get a larger safe if you can since safe is an investment that doesn't need to be replaced that often.

Mount: For ease of use, people always prefer smaller safes to be mountable on walls. If you are searching for a larger gun safe, then please make sure to consult with an architect whether your walls are stable and strong enough to hold the safe. This is an important step to do if your house is old.

Ease of Use: The gun safe of your choice must be easy to operate and you should be accustomed to using it. In the event of an emergency, you should be able to grab your gun easily if you so require it.

Best Gun Safes under 500 USD

Verifi Smart.Safe: Fast Access Biometric Safe

Verifi Smart.Safe Fast Access Biometric Safe

When it comes to security and affordability, the safe from Verifi is the one which I love and recommend. This model provides the best of both the worlds in terms of high security and reliability.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that most US security agencies prefer to use this bad boy.


  • Material: The gun safe is made of solid steel. The construction is extremely sturdy and is equipped with two locking bolts. The bolt locks are motor actuated and there is also the provision for secondary keys for an added security.
  • Lock: Most budget bio-metric gun safes use cheap sensors which don’t last for a long time and need to be often changed. The F.B.I. approved fingerprint sensor ensures that you gain fast access to your firearms.
  • Storage Space: The storage capacity of the safe allows you to store multiple handguns. However, when you take it into account, the secure features that the safe provides, it is undoubtedly the best safe to buy.

There are also a host of other security features like interior light, tamper alert, auto locks and LCD. By far the best feature on this safe is the SelfCheck feature, which allows it to make self-diagnostic checks and ensures that the system is updated and works perfectly.


Nothing really.

Barska Quick Access Bio-metric Rifle Safe AX11652

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

The Barska Quick Access (as the name implies) is quite simply the one which you should pick for yourself when quick access instead of space is your priority .

The slim design of this rifle safe is extremely attractive not only in terms of design but also function-wise.

The best part about the bio-metric lock is that in the event of batteries running out, there are two backup keys included which can be used to access the safe. The face plate of the safe can be moved to reveal the backup lock which can be accessed with the key (although I suggest you to keep tabs on the batteries and store the backup keys only for emergency unlocks)


  • Material: The gun safe is made of a solid steel construction that also features a three-point deadbolt construction. There is a silent feature that mutes the beeping of the keypad which could be helpful in times of emergency.
  • Lock: The safe has a bio-metric interface that allows you to use your fingerprints as the password. The system allows you to store up to 120 different prints.
  • Storage Space: It can store up to four rifles and one pistol. However, I would recommend you to store only two rifles if you wish to reach them quickly. Since the safe is light, there are also ten mounting points which can be used to bolt the safe.


Nothing that I encountered.

GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe

GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe

The GunVault SV500 sports an innovative design at an extremely competitive price to provide the best of compact design and safety.

The bio-metric feature allows easy and quick access to the firearm in the event of an emergency. The mountable design makes it a great choice to put it under your desk.

This is a great choice for you if you have one firearm (like a handgun) to store.​


  • Material: The safe design, more like a holster, is made of 18 gauge steel and lined with foam to protect your gun. It is very light and compact. This makes it extremely desirable to be mounted under your desk.
  • Lock: The GunVault SV500 has a number of safety features, all aimed at securing your gun and ensuring that only you or your trusted people can access it. The safe has a bio-metric lock and can store up to 120 variants of fingerprints which ensure that a number of people can access it. There is also, in the case of malfunctions and emergencies, an override key to bypass all security.


  • Storage Space: When it comes to storage space this gun safe doesn’t really score high. The GunVault SV500 is not a good choice if you own multiple guns and ammunition. It provides a safe, quick and easy access to your firearm, but not good enough for you if you have multiple firearms or would like to store some valuables and ammunition besides your gun.
  • Moisture: The foam lining of the safe is incapable of keeping the moisture out. If exposed to for a long period, this may damage your gun.

Sentry Safe Quick Access Safe

Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Gun Safe

The Sentry Safe is as compact as it gets. While the affability of the bio-metric locks is now an established fact, this safe takes the idea and fuses it with affordability to provide what may well be one of the best safes for home use.

​In spite of its extremely modest pricing, it has a plethora of safety features to secure your gun.


  • Material: The gun safe is made of what the manufacturer term as pry resistant steel. The safe is extremely compact and is ideal for people on-the-move, who would want to secure their firearms. The dimensions of the safe allow it to be used even from inside a drawer and thus, you can easily keep the safe at your workplace even.
  • Lock: Firstly, the bio-metric lock programs in your fingerprint and uses it as a key. You can also program in an additional pin along with the fingerprint and use it as a password. Secondly, the lock mechanism and the keypad are extremely silent, and this is extremely handy in times of emergency when secrecy is the key. The significance of the one-handed access must not be underestimated as it is extremely effective in times of emergencies.
  • Storage Space: While the sentry safe looks small, it can be extremely deceiving. The interior of the safe is spacious by any comparison. For instance, I was able to easily fit in a J&K revolver and a full-size semi-automatic gun with absolute ease. If you try, you could probably sneak in a few rounds of ammunition.


  • Though extremely convenient, durable and secure, it falls short on a few parameters. The batteries, for instance, are a big turn off for people who seek a more traditional approach. Also, the limited space of the safe may put you off if you have a bigger gun alongside few rounds to store.

However, the string of features and an awesome pricing makes this safe worthy of being mentioned in our list.

Stack-On GCDG-9216 16-Gun Convertible Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet

Stack-On GCDG-9216 16-Gun Convertible Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet

The Stack-On GCDG-9216 is the one you need to go with if you have an extensive gun collection. The GCDG-9216 essentially clubs two gun safes into one. The two doors of the safe are massive and weigh a hundred pounds which are a perfect deterrent for thieves.

You can even use this bad boy to easily store your other valuables like cash and jewelry besides guns and ammunition.​


  • Material: The safe is quite essentially a welded steel box. Superior construction quality and the fully welded exterior make the safe a formidable product. The safe also has a piano hinge and door-to-door construction for greater durability.
  • Lock: It is equipped with a three-point locking safe along with a digital keypad as a means of the primary lock. The cabinet is divided into several other compartments and they can also be locked using keys. This division is extremely efficient when storing guns of various sizes.
  • Storage Space: The cabinet can hold a total of 16 rifles. If the detachable cabinets are removed, it can make space for extra rifles you may have. The walls of the cabinet are lined with foam to prevent the guns from getting scratched. There is also the option of four detachable foam shelves that can be used to store jewelry, ammo and your other valuable stuff.


  • No dust seal around the doors.


There are not really many great choices available when you try to look for the budget safes. I refer only to the safes durable enough for serious use. The list above notes some of the best choices in this segment.

You should stress on a few features like fire resistant depending on your personal choice. A word of caution, though- before buying, please be sure to perform your due diligence. Many safes are marketed with often bloated specifications, and it would be worth your while to check them out first hand.​

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